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At TridIndia Academy, we are backed by a strong, dynamic and highly experienced team of trainers who have over 15 years of experience in their respective areas of specialization. Prior to undertaking any assignment, they will collaborate with you in order to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your training needs and thereon, develop and deploy targeted learning programs that are measured and evaluated against predefined success factors. Apart from Foreign Languages Training which is our forte, the following is a comprehensive array of training and development services that we provide.

Core Services that We offer

  • Corporate Training

    TridIndia Academy offers all-encompassing training modules and workshops for Corporate Training. Our qualified trainers are experts in developing and conducting training programs...
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  • Personality Development

    TridIndia Academy is one of the most renowned training institutes that provide Personality Development Courses in Delhi. Our dynamic trainers have been conducting...
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  • Soft Skills Training

    At TridIndia Academy, we specialize in providing Soft Skills Training Courses for School and College Students, which includes several aspects such as Communication Skills Training...
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  • 6 Months Training

    The International Certification Training Course that we provide is specifically designed to cover all the necessary aspects of the language in order to emerge triumphant at International...
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  • Vocational Training

    We have an interesting and productive range of Vocational Training Programs for School and College Students. These include training modules related to Personality Development...
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  • On Campus Training

    The On Campus or On Site Training provided by TridIndia Academy is for Corporates as well as Educational Institutions across India. We conduct world class training sessions...
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  • Induction Training

    Induction Training, also known as Acculturation is an extremely crucial aspect of training that focuses on familiarizing new employees with their workplace. Without it, new employees...
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  • Workshops & Seminars

    Our seasoned trainers specialize in conducting a number of workshops and seminars of College students to acquaint them with the requirements of the Job Market and equip them...
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  • Counselling & Coaching

    We provide Student Counselling and Coaching Services that enable students to effectively deal with academic pressure, peer pressure, parental pressure and similar issues...
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  • Voice and Accent Courses

    Accent Training offers a number of benefits in terms of enabling you to interact effectively with clients, improving your speech and voice quality, socialize in multicultural environments...
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  • Hospitality Training

    TridIndia Academy's holistic array of Hospitality Training Services is spearheaded by an exuberant team of seasoned professionals from the hospitality industry...
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