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World-class Russian Learning Institute in Delhi

TridIndia Academy is undoubtedly the best place to learn Russian in Delhi and one of the premier Russian Language Institutes in India. Given the fact that the very foundation of TridIndia was laid down by Russian Linguists and Engineers, mastery over the Russian Language has been our forte from the very beginning. Our trainers have more than 10 years of experience in conducting Russian language courses.

Why learn Russian?

Russian is the 5th most widely spoken language across the world with more than 155 million speakers. The language is also one amongst the 6 Official Languages of the United Nations. With 23 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Russia is amongst the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Moreover, with widespread use of Russian technology in India, and the increasing bilateral trade between the two countries, learning Russian considerably expands your opportunities in the job market.

Russian Learning Classes in Delhi

Our Russian Language Trainers are extremely well versed with all the nuances of teaching Russian language. The Curriculum we follow at TridIndia Academy covers important areas of linguistic proficiency as well as excellent in-sights into the Russian culture and traditions, social etiquettes and so on. This boosts your overall confidence while interacting with Russian clients, as well as conversing with the locals when you happen to visit the country.

Course Details

At TridIndia Academy, we provide two broad categories of Russian Language Courses:

  • Short Russian Learning Courses spanning from 1 to 3 months based on the topics covered.
  • 6-Month International Certification Course in Russian.