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Best place to learn French in Delhi and across India

TridIndia Academy is the most renowned French Language Institute in Delhi, as well as all over India, owing to the immaculate expertise of certified and seasoned French Trainers, who leave no stone unturned to develop and conduct the best French Courses in Delhi.

Importance of learning French Language

French is an Indo European Language with official language status in over 29 countries and more than 220 million speakers across the world. The United Nations has also included French as one of its official languages, and knowledge of French is essential in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry today. French Language learning in Delhi is becoming increasingly popular, with several lucrative job opportunities in India as well as abroad.

French Learning Institute in Delhi

French Learning Courses have proliferated across India, but TridIndia Academy proudly stands apart from all other French Training Institutes by prioritizing on holistic knowledge of French language, and its use in everyday life. Therefore, while other training institutes would focus on monotonous mugging up of verbs, adverbs, adjectives and so on, we lay emphasis not only on linguistic proficiency but on the native culture, traditions, social norms, cuisine and so on.

Discover the joy of learning French

At TridIndia Academy, more than anything else, we make French learning fun. Our training methods range from interactive discussions to audio visual clips, individual presentations and so on. If you are on the lookout for a French course in Delhi, TridIndia Academy is the place where you will not only learn French, you will learn to love the language!