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Best Chinese Language Institute in Delhi

TridIndia Academy not only provides the best Chinese courses in Delhi, the institute has also set benchmarks in the arena of Chinese Language Learning across India. We are backed by a team of highly experienced and certified Chinese Language Trainers who leave no stone unturned to provide immaculate Chinese training to students as well as professionals.

Significance of learning Chinese Language

Chinese belongs to the Sino-Tibetian Family of Languages, and is spoken by over one fifth of the world's population. It also features as one of the six official languages of the United Nations. China, being the second largest economy in the world, and one of the oldest and richest cultures spanning a time period of over 5000 years, learning the language broadens your outlook across multiple platforms.

Renowned Chinese Language Classes in Delhi

With our highly seasoned Chinese trainers, and well-structured training modules, we surpass all other institutes in providing immaculate Chinese Language Training to our valued students.

Learning Chinese made easier and fun!

Did you know that unlike European languages, Chinese grammar does not have tenses, plurals, genders and cases? The difficult bit is only the fact that the language is highly tonal, and has approximately 2000 characters in total. At TridIndia Academy, our Chinese Training Sessions are exclusively designed to provide you with mastery over the Chinese Language, as well as give you in-depth knowledge of the native culture, traditions, social norms, cuisine, literature and history of China.

Course Details

We provide short term courses ranging from 1 to 3 months, as well as International Certification Courses of 6 months duration for learning Chinese.