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  • TridIndia : The Hallmark of Professional and Foreign Languages Training
  • Latest Updates : New French language training batch starting soon
  • Latest Updates : New German language training batch starting soon
  • Latest Updates : New Chinese language training batch starting soon
  • Latest Updates : New Japanese language training batch starting soon
  • Latest Updates : New Russian language training batch starting soon
  • Latest Updates : New Spanish language training batch starting soon
  • Latest Updates : Spoken English and communication skills batch starting soon

Corporate Training

TridIndia is the hub of Corporate Training in India, with an exclusive array of Corporate Training Services that are at par with international standards.

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Language Training

TridIndia Academy is the best language training center not only in Delhi, but across India. Owing to our highly qualified and prolific trainers, our approach to...

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Personality Development

Be it in terms of the personal, professional or social lives we lead today, the role of personality development cannot be undermined in any context.

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Soft Skills Training

Soft Skills are increasingly becoming a mandatory aspect of a successful professional life today, giving a steady rise to demand for Soft Skills Training in India.

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We nurture Intellects in the Pursuit of Excellence

TridIndia Academy has revolutionized the realm of professional training and development, by providing a wide array of Corporate Training Programs, Foreign Languages Training as well as Personality Development and Soft Skills Training Modules, that are at par with the latest international standards. With its unique endeavor to empower and enlighten individuals and organizations across the world, TridIndia Academy's exclusive focus remains on aligning results-oriented training modules to facilitate high returns on investment. Owing to years of experience, TridIndia Academy has become a name to reckon with in the field of International Language Training, as well as the development of Holistic Training Modules to suit the multi-faceted requirements of Educational Institutions and Corporates.

We lead the World of Languages

Having set benchmarks in the zone of Language Courses in New Delhi, TridIndia Academy has risen to the status of providing the best foreign language programs across India. We create and deliver immaculate training courses in a wide number of Foreign Languages such as French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Arabic, Thai and so on and so forth. If you are on the lookout for Language Courses in Delhi or Foreign Language Classes in Delhi or anywhere in India, TridIndia Academy is the apt choice for all your language-centric requirements, because not only do we impart linguistic expertise like grammar, punctuation, pronunciation and accent, we also lay great emphasis on learning about native culture, native cuisine, indigenous history and literature.